McGlovin Man Taking Gloves Out of Compact Packaging


These gloves are perfect for on-the-go use, they don’t take up much space and are available for whenever you need.

McGlovin Cleanliness Person Eating Ribs With Gloves


Messy hands and germs are a thing of the past when using our gloves! Eat ribs worry-free.


Not just for messy ribs, these gloves can be used to protect your hands from disgusting gas nozzles, grocery cart handles, credit card swipes, handling cash, and much more.

McGlovin Disposable Gloves Person's Gloved Hand on Gas Nozzle

Not Just Food

Our gloves serve as more than just protectors against messy food. They can also be used to keep you safe at the pump and other public places.

McGlovin Easy to Use gloves, person eating ribs with gloves on

Easy to Use

Easy to store. Easy to open. Easy to use. Convenience for when you need it.

It’s not so weird now, is it?

When John would go in the kitchen of his restaurant and make himself a sandwich he’d put on gloves like every other food service worker does and then he would take them off, wash his hands and eat his sandwich. Either from laziness or just realizing how redundant it was to wash your hands when you had clean sanitary gloves on in the first place, John began eating his sandwiches with gloves on. His employees would make fun, but John didn’t care. He’d eat his sandwich, take his gloves off and then have clean, food-free hands. When crawfish season came and he’d have crawfish boils at his brewery, John got made fun of again for wearing his gloves, but then converted almost everyone to wearing them when people realized how easy it was to eat spicy crawfish and not have to wash your hands for three days afterwards to get the smell off them. Pretty soon, John was eating BBQ ribs, chicken wings, boiled shrimp, etc with his gloves and not having to worry about having dirty hands before or after eating.

When the owner of the local BBQ place noticed John’s gloves, he was intrigued. Instead of people using 1000 of those stupid little wet wipes to clean their hands after, why not just provide a set of gloves before and save on paper costs. All people had to do was take off their gloves and viola, clean hands!

And so McGlovin was born. We make single use disposable gloves in a sanitary packet so you can eat that messy meal without having to worry about washing your hands before or after. They are also handy when changing baby diapers or anything else where clean hands are needed before and after and even make a great promotional product for your restaurant or business since you can get your logo printed on them.

Yeah, wearing gloves in public looks weird, but with a deadly virus spreading around the country, maybe it’s not so weird now.